Cultus Lake (0300037) is in the Insular and Coastal Mountains limnological region. The recent sampling history at this site is shown in below. Composite samples (water from three depths are mixed together into a single sample) are indicated by a vertical line connecting the uppermost and lowermost sampling depths. The shape of the points indicates if the samples are from of the epilimnion (upper layer; indicated with triangles ▲) or hypolimnion (bottom layer; indicated with solid circles ●) of the lake. For lakes less than 10 m deep composite sampling is not done, instead a single sample 1 m below the surface represents the epilimnion and one sample 1 m off the bottom represents the hypolimnion.

To read more about sampling methodology and other details about B.C. Lakes Monitoring Network (BCLMN), including findings and published reports go here.

Plot showing the dates and depths of sampling


Bathymetric Maps

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